stain-glassA stained glass overlay utilizes a unique process combining multiple materials (glass, lead, multi-layered polyester film, bevels, jewels, etc.) to form a solid piece of decorative art glass. The finished product has the look and feel of traditional stained glass, but with the strength and integrity of a solid piece of safety glass. Each piece is custom designed to meet the needs and desires of our individual customers and can be installed over existing glass. With over 300 colors and textures available and complete design flexibility, stained glass overlays are a great solution for a wide range of decorative glass applications.


  • Residential:

    Bathroom/spa privacy windows, home entryways, kitchen cabinet doors, shower doors, room dividers, domes, ceiling panels, and more!

  • Commercial:

    Restaurant doors, booth dividers, wall tops and signage, office lobbies, casinos, and hotels, and more!

  • Religious:

    New (or replacement) church windows, chapels, funeral homes, icons, and more!


Stained glass overlays provide privacy while still allowing the transmission of light. The product is lightweight, seamless, air tight, water tight, and contains ultraviolet inhibitors to protect from fading. It meets building codes for safety glass and requires little maintenance. There is virtually no limit to the size and type of design that can be created.

Care & Maintenance:

Stained glass overlay panels are easy to clean, requiring nothing more than normal window cleaning solutions and a soft cloth.

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